GCNSI 2024

VII Global Conference on Near Space Industrialization

September 13–14

Maryina Gorka, Belarus

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Organization committee

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky Dr. Anatoli Unitsky

General chair

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky

General Designer of Astroengineering Technologies LLC

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Nadezhda Kosareva Nadezhda Kosareva

Financial chair

Nadezhda Kosareva

General manager of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

Denis Isaev Denis Isaev

Program chair

Denis Isaev

Director of Astroengineering Technologies LLC

Diana Romanyuk Diana Romanyuk

Project Manager

Diana Romanyuk


+375 (44) 541 80 45
Yulia Khodyko Yulia Khodyko

Scientific Coordinator

Yulia Khodyko

PhD in Physics and Mathematics


+375 (29) 587 03 69


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Scientific articles of previous conferences

The Union State of Russia and Belarus as the Hub for Rebooting the New World to the Biospheric Path of the Civilizational Development. A. Unitsky

A. Unitsky

Creation of Production Sites in Near Space (On the Example of Extractive and Manufacturing Industries)

A. Unitsky, S. Artyushevsky, A. Klimkov, O. Klimkova

Magnetic System of Power Stabilizing Unit of the General Planetary Vehicle

A. Unitsky, V. Looksha

Outer Space, Education and Economy in the 21st Century: A Cybernetic Approach

A. Poteryaiko

Legal Aspects of the Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Implementation of the uSpace Geocosmic Program

A. Unitsky, M. Gorbunov

Methodology for Monitoring the Quality and Fertility of Soils of Grape Agrocenoses Based on Multispectral Cosmic Data

I. Grishin, R. Timirgaleeva

The Use of Roofs of Multi-Purpose Buildings for Allocation of Greenhouses: Specifics and Optimal Solutions

А. Unitsky, М. Davydik, N. Zyl

The Use of the Electrohydraulic Effect for the Disinfection of Wastewater in the Conditions of Human Habitation in Space

A. Unitsky, N. Pershai, I. Lobazova, S. Arnaut

Features of Conclusion of an International Treaty on the uSpace Geocosmic Program Implementation

A. Kazakevich

Analysis on the Causes of Shrinkage of Noise and Thermal Insulation Nonwoven Fabrics and Drafting of Measures to Prevent It

E. Lukyanova

Artificial Intelligence and Human Alienation from Mind: Causes, Mechanisms, Consequences

A. Unitsky, E. Petrov

Justification for the Use of Hydrogen as a Refrigerant in Hypervelocity Vehicles

Unitsky V. Garanin, V. Yanchuk

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The agenda is in process of being developed


Dear participants!

You can take part in conference as a poster report speaker, report author or co-author, reviewer, speaker with oral report or present your report online.


All the submitted articles are reviewed by the conference editorial board.

The board decision concerning an article is final and incontestable.

Every author must sign a copyright agreement on transfer all the rights of his article in favor of Astroengineering technologies LLC.

Key dates

By June 20
You should submit. It is important to send a research article in PDF to conf@ecospace.org If you have more than one, please, send each of the article in separate letters.
By July 20
You will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of your submitted paper. The author/s will also receive a copyright assignment agreement for the article/s.
By 5 August
All the materials must be sent to the organizers in case of participation with a poster report.
By 15 August
It is also significant to register for participants whose articles have been accepted
By 1 September
Provide the necessary materials to organize your presentation
13–14 September
See you on the сonference

Paper Preparing

nrnsi2023.Прежде, чем оформлять статью, авторам важно ознакомиться с требованиями.

All papers presented at NRNSI 2023 will be printed in сonference proceedings in English and Russian.

All articles must be original contributions and not previously published, nor currently under consideration, for publication elsewhere. It is important to ensure that when you submit your article, it is in its final form ready for publication, and has been thoroughly proofread.
The article should be submitted both in Word and PDF format.

Before preparing the article, please consider the Terms and definitions guide for innovative objects and technologies names.


No fee charged for participation in the conference.

Registration is mandatory.

The registration phase begins after acceptance of the submitted papers and ends on August, 15.

Conference speakers are provided with


A comfortable bus route Minsk — Eco park «Aquarell» — Minsk


Coffee breaks and lunch are included during the scientific part of the event

Gala Dinner

An invitation for Gala Dinner and the official closure of the conference followed by show program


A publication in annual scientific journal in Russian and in English

Publication promotion

The scientific journal with conference proceedings is spread across biggest e-platforms and major Russian and Belarussian libraries

Video presentation

A professional video of your report presentation is a great addition to your portfolio

Promo materials

Unique merch and souvenirs from conference committee


Complimentary copy of the scientific journal (NRNSI 2022)


Astroengineering Technologies LLC — the Conference organizer is glad to invite educational and scientific enterprises and also service companies for partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation. We strive for effective cooperation between different fields experts for common goals achievement

Conference partners

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Partnership with GCNSI 2024 is a possibility to:

  • Become a part of innovative space technologies scope and trends
  • Claim your business as a partner of a unique technological event on peaceful space exploration
  • Join global progressive geospacer program uSpace which has no analogues in the world
  • Broad up business contacts and expand your brand audience
  • Increase brand awareness and strengthen professional status
  • Becoming a conference partner means supporting the progressive scientific community’s desire to develop advanced space technologies, as well as becoming a part of the global program aimed at saving human civilization.


The conference venue is located on the territory of Ecopark “Aquarell” (Minsk region, Maryina Gorka town). The guests will be provided with a transfer from Minsk.

The conference hospitality partner — Ecopark “Aquarell” offers cozy rooms and apartments on special price.

Write us to learn more about accommodation options and conditions: conf@ecospace.org.

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