Program Of The VI International Scientific and Technical Conference “Non-Rocket Near Space Industrialization: Problems, Ideas, Projects”

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Saturday, 7 October
Sunday, 8 October
  • Registration. Welcome coffee


  • Traditional tree planting to mark the opening of the conference


  • Conference opening ceremony


    Opening speech of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee — Anatoli Unitsky.

    Welcome speech from the guests of honor.

  • Keynote presentation. Anatoli Unitsky. “Ingenium. The World as an Engineering Project”


  • Section: “Geocosmic and Geotechnical Sciences, Technologies, Materials, and Resources”


    • Report

      Aleksey Pokulnitsky

      Creation of the general planetary vehicle mathematical model based on the finite element method

    • Discussion

      Vitali Looksha, Alexander Khlebus, Maxim Zimenkov

      Structural components of the GPV

    • Discussion

      Dmitriy Bochkaryov, Maxim Kubyshkin, Andrey Shcherbich

      Construction technology and operating features of the GPV overpass

    • Report

      Vladzimir Ovsiyanko

      Meteoroid protection of the GPV body based on foam metals

    • Video report

      Anatoli Unitsky

      The GPV takeoff and landing complex in ocean areas

  • Official photo session of the conference participants


  • Lunch


  • Section: “Energy and Informational Geocosmic Sciences, Technologies, Materials, and Resources”


    • Report

      Valeriy Klyushnikov

      The transition to the paradigm of industrial space exploration as a way out of the objectives’ crisis of modern astronautics

    • Report

      Nataliya Pershay

      Options for using an electrohydraulic shock installation in conditions of people living in space

    • Report

      Victor Haranin

      Possibility of simultaneous use of liquid hydrogen as a refrigerant and energy source in transport

  • Section: “Ecological and Biological Aspects of Enclosed Biosphere-Type Ecosystems on Earth and in Space”


    • Discussion

      Nikifor Zyl, Valentina Korney, Anton Kushnirenko

      Modern technologies for growing plants in near space

    • Discussion

      Alexander Pavlyuchenko, Vera Zayats, Kseniya Boyko

      Creation and functioning of closed ecosystems

    • Report

      Sergey Poteryayko

      Natural technologies plus sovereign financial funds of the BRICS member countries as a potential opportunity for environmentally and socially responsible transformation of the technosphere

    • Report

      Evgeniya Veremko

      Development of formulations for cosmetics with vitamin D for use in EcoCosmoHouse

    • Report

      Tatiyana Treniyakova

      Obtaining natural detergents from licorice glabra with prebiotics in the conditions of EcoCosmoHouse

  • Autograph session. Poster session


    • Poster

      Maxim Gusev

      Application of classical machine learning and learning via neural networks in the diagnosis and operation of the equatorial overpass of the GPV

    • Poster

      Elena Zimina, Nataliya Uliyanova

      Technology of building materials using waste household appliances

    • Poster

      Andrey Borovik

      Use of hydrogen-containing materials to deliver construction materials to low-Earth orbit

    • Poster

      Anatoli Unitsky, Nadezhda Kosareva, Aleksey Klimkov

      Increasing the role of the private sector in the scientific and innovative development of the Republic of Belarus

  • Dinner


  • Welcome coffee


  • Section: “Social design and main trends of human civilization development on the Earth and in space”


    • Report

      Evgeniy Petrov

      Global ritual sacrifice and engineering civilization formation as alternative future scenarios

    • Report

      Mikhail Khazin

      Economics and space. Scenarios for the disposal of humanity and the recovery of civilization from the global crisis

    • Report

      Andrey Fefelov

      Conciliar social network of Russia

  • Lunch


  • Section: “Social design and main trends of human civilization development on the Earth and in space”


    • Report

      Irina Budrina

      Human mental adaptation in a closed ecosystem: dynamics and stages

    • Report

      Mikhail Davydik

      The structure of the social space of a new type of living environment: prerequisites, development, stratification

  • Section: “Socio-legal, political and financial aspects of the implementation of the non-rocket space exploitation program uSpace”


    • Report

      Artyom Kazakevich

      Action of legal norms during the construction and operation of the general planetary vehicle and its infrastructure

    • Report

      Anton Bakhaev

      Political and legal justification for the implementation of the uSpace geospace program project within the framework of the international BRICS association

    • Report

      Angelina Poteryayko

      Cyberplan as a tool for rebooting the economy of the Union State of Russia and Belarus

    • Report

      Diana Volynets

      Intercultural communications within the framework of the EcoSpace program

  • Closing speech, Conference outcomes, announcement of the conference decision


    Closing speech by the chairman of the organizing committee of the VI International Scientific and Technical Conference “Non-Rocket Near Space industrialization: problems, ideas, projects” — Anatoli Unitsky

  • Gala Dinner